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HSVR™     High security virtual receiver

Jointly developed with SIS (Security Information Systems) – Industry leaders in software used by security monitoring dispatch centers - Central Stations.


The HSVR is software used for remote monitoring of CINCH systems Intrusion Detection Panels (IDS). For the first time, facilities are protected by an IDS that provides 100 % Encrypted communication from all sensors and devices—to the security panel—to the security dispatch center,  Preventing a security breach or system hack.


If an alarm event is detected, an encrypted signal is sent from the IDS panel, through TCP module over the Internet to the HSVR at the dispatch center. The HSVR receives the encrypted signal, decrypts and interacts with SIS Action 32* (SIS) and Alarm Center®*- (SIS) software.  Alarm Center® notifies the dispatcher of the alarm event.


• UL 1620 and UL 1076 Digital Monitoring Software

• UL 2050 Compliant

• UL 1981 SIS Alarm Automation Configurations

• FIPS 197, Certificate #1125


Product Application:

Connect CINCH IDS Panels to monitoring/dispatch centers. For high security needs of: Government Agencies, Command Centers, Critical Infrastructure, Commercial, Energy, and Transportation Infrastructure.


CINCH systems High Security Virtual Receiver

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*,  Action 32 and Alarm Center® software for remote monitoring at dispatch centers from SIS. Click here for more information.


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