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CINCH Protector II Intrusion Detection Control Panel
CINCH Protector II Intrusion Detection Control Panel Board

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Protector II Intrusion
Control Panel

Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Control Panel



The Protector II panel is CINCH’s next generation of Intrusion Detection systems. The panel was designed to closely match the feature set and operation of the existing Protector and Protector II systems, making for an easier product transition. The Protector II is faster and has more power than its predecessor making for a stronger platform moving forward.


Major advancements of the Protector II control panel:

  • New PIC32 32-bit processor verse PIC18 8-bit processor providing a faster processing speed.
  • New 80 MHz µC capable of 80 million instructions/sec, making it 8 times faster.
  • 4 times the internal flash memory and 32.5 times the internal RAM.
  • Built-in micro SD card capable of storing over 260 million events on 32G SD card.
  • Improved CeLAN, capable of delivering over twice the bandwidth.
  • Input zone walk test feature making it easy to test and verify the operation of all detection inputs.
  • CeLAN Metrics function that monitors the performance of modules allowing for early detection of modules with connection or other issues to assist in providing maximum performance.
  • Built-in on-board LED display for both of the CeLAN +12 VDC outputs for easy monitoring of the power demand by channel.
  • New lower profile sealed Rectifier Bridge in the power supply to protect against installers shorting 24VAC input wires directly against the bridge diodes.
  • Current drawn through the relay +12 VDC terminals is now also displayed on touch screens in status as “Relay Out Current Draw”.


The Protector and Protector II Intrusion board layout is similar to its predecessor, the Protector to provide for easy conversions and cross-training on the systems.



CINCH-On Protector and Protector II Panel Input/Output Tester / Demo Interface

Part # CO-T-P

  • Delivers easy testing and configuration of a Protector and Protector II Panel.
  • Test input zones and verify output programming of two panel relays.
  • Test zones in Normally Open or Normally Closed configurations.
  • All Zone states can be demonstrated, including GFH (Ground Fault on the High side of the zone) and GFL (Ground Fault on the Low side of the zone)
CINCH systems Protector and Protector II Input/Output Tester

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