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For smaller sized facilities for: Government Agencies, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities - SCIF’s, Command Centers. Critical Infrastructure, Embassies, High Security Critical Industrial, Energy Infrastructure, Transportation, Financial Institutions and any facility requiring the highest level of encrypted security.

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Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Control Panel for fewer zone and partition needs


















The Compatriot IDS Control Panel is ideally suited for smaller system needs. It allows for up to 4 partitions, 100 input zones, 40 CeLAN devices on one CeLAN port, and 102 users. It has all the features of the original Protector and Protector II system, along with some new features including a walk test.

A 32-bit microprocessor controlled system that is fully programmable using a system touch screen, the program data can also be installed, updated, and backed-up using a CINCH Stick. A CINCH Stick is a simple to use small plug in device that is used to back-up the systems memory, update the firmware and upload memory back into a system.

The system is designed for fast easy programming, all zone, output, partition, and system programming is accomplished using one of the system touch screens, while in program mode all other touch screens become locked out, maintaining system integrity. All zones, users, outputs, partitions, and CeLAN devices can be clearly labeled for easy identification in the system. New CeLAN performance metrics make it easy to verify the performance of each module on the CeLAN during or after installation.

CINCH IDS systems are compatible with any normally open or normally closed IDS security device. The system through programming has selectable options on how each input responds. All inputs are fully supervised using a 3.0K EOL for ground faults and line integrity.

The CINCH IDS systems provide up to 100 fully programmable conditional outputs. The outputs are relay based providing a contact closure. At a minimum the system can provide outputs for all zone conditions (alarm/secure/trouble), system conditions (arm/disarm), and system integrity (tamper/supervision).

The system allows the programming of up to 100 passcodes, each passcode is a unique 5-12 digit/alpha character number that can be associated with text for easier identification. Each code is also programmable for installer access, partition access, access codes rights, bypassing rights, number of uses a code is valid for, the number of days a code is valid for, and can be attached to a schedule.

The system touch screen is accessed using an authorized code, the touch screen displays all system Information on a status screen and when in alarm displays alarm condition, location, and time/date.

The panels are powered by a multi-tap transformer, allowing 120/240/277/480 VAC input and 24VAC output. The system provides a 12VDC output at 5A (2.5A for Compatriot) for auxiliary devices. A remote power supply is also available for the system providing an additional 12VDC @ 5A. The power supply is fully supervised and monitored by the system. All battery connections are independent and supervised per individual battery. The charging of the battery is determined by battery to avoid over charging and extend battery life.

The Compatriot is a 4-partiton system with each partition independently operated by a dedicated touch screen. Each partition is treated as an individual system with its own zones, outputs and access codes.

A walk test mode is available to verify the operation of all programmed devices, the test allows the installer the ability to test each individual zone verify the proper operation, also during the test the integrity of the data bus is checked to ensure the system infrastructure is strong.

All CINCH panels can be operated in either the traditional IDS mode or in the I24 mode. When used in the I24 mode all zones are individually armed and disarmed with operation and display of their states being handled by the CINCH Encrypted Receiver.

The system stores up to 6,000 events in its internal memory, this Information can be viewed at a touch screen or printed. The system also has a SD card slot on-board that stores events; depending on the SD card size over 262 million events can be stored and later viewed via PC. The reports are generated in a standard computer format and no additional software is required.

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