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CeLAN Touch Screen Control LCD display



The CeLAN Touch Screen provides a 5.7” Color LCD (liquid-crystal display), to provide the user with complete on-site system programming and operation control of the CINCH System. The 5.7” Color LCD provides a graphical user interface to display visual status messages for the entire system. The display identifies any programmed location so the user can determine where an alarm, trouble, or open-sensor condition exists. Location names or zone/sensor text are displayed allowing for easy identification.

CeLAN AES encrypted technology for security, easy setup and enhanced performance.

  • 5.7” Color Touch Screen with protective display overlay and Lexan shield.
  • Simple, easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  • Four pass code entry options.
  • Scrambled/Standard QWERTY.
  • Scrambled/Standard 12-key numeric.
  • Built-in ‘on-line’ help and diagnostic screens.
  • Two hardware input zones per module.
  • Five (5) state zones:
  • Open Circuit
  • Supervised Circuit (3k EOL)
  • Short Circuit
  • Ground Fault High
  • Ground Fault Low
  • Surface or recessed mounting options.
  • CINCH Stick field upgradeable software.

Product Applications:

Government Agencies, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities - SCIF’s, Command Centers. Critical Infrastructure, Embassies, High Security Critical Industrial, Energy Infrastructure, Transportation, Financial Institutions and any facility requiring the highest level of encrypted security.

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