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HeLAN Motor Module



The He-Motor Interface card provides remote operation of AC motors from the Ce-Door-EZ. Complies with the new 2016 UL 325 requirement. Modular design allows the interface card to be located at the motor housing. Only four wires are needed between the Ce-Door EZ and up to two (2) He-Motor cards for clean and simple synchronous operations. Local inputs for limit switches, interlocks and motor overload add to a simplified system architecture.

  • Advanced algorithms learn and manage over current capability by “learning” current draws and providing a safety shutdown.
  • Provides individual LED indicators on each input and relay output for dynamic display of system functions.
  • Supports and switches motor voltage input source ratings up to 380VAC 3-phase.
  • Local open, close and stop buttons for easy commissioning and

Product Applications:

Government Agencies, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities - SCIF’s, Command Centers. Critical Infrastructure, Embassies, High Security Critical Industrial, Energy Infrastructure, Transportation, Financial Institutions and any facility requiring the highest level of encrypted security.

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